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I have one objective...

I will never allow myself to lose the battle.  If knocked down, I will always get up.  If wounded I will not die.  My opponent will never win.  I have one objective, to win the fight.  I will train harder than my opponent. I will fight smarter, with more determination than my opponent.  I will attack with all my strength and power.  I’ve trained for war, and I’m prepared for victory....

Who are we?

Pro Train Inc. is a company dedicated to the survival and well being of America's brave defenders of the home front. Pro Train's specialized instructors are current or retired law enforcement or military professionals with extensive knowledge and front line experience.

Pro Train is a nationally recognized training company that specializes in survival tactics, tactical traffic stops, counter assault, close quarter combat, and police use of force instruction. Pro Train leads the way!



Pro Train "Creating a Warrior Mindset".

STOPS Instructor Live Fire Course

NEW COURSE FOR 2020! In Honor of Kyle Dinkheller


Pro Train is honored to announce that we have partnered with the family of Kyle Dinkheller to offer a course based on Kyle's murder.  This course will cover the fatal errors in Kyle last traffic stop.  We will use his murder to be the training scenario that becomes the tactical foundation which will save the lives of other officers.  This is expected to be one of our most sought after courses because it vividly represents real world threats that our officers are encountering at an astonishing rate!  Honor Kyle and his family by walking back through Kyle’s last moments, recreating the tactical training that will save your life in similar situations.  God Bless the Dinkheller family and Kyle, we have your back.  We will take it from here! 



Over 4000 STOPS Instructors
Gun battles won by STOPS Students
Accredited training in 38 States

Specialized Training

  • Law Enforcement & Military
  • VIP Training
  • Multiple Attack Defense
  • Subject Joint Control & Restraints
  • Report Writing: Documenting Use of Force
  • Edge/Blunt Weapons
  • First Responder
  • Combative Training
  • Transitional Training
  • Quick Take down to Control & Arrest
  • The Importance of Physical Fitness
  • Tactical Rope Defense
  • Security
  • Environmental Training
  • Tactical Mind-Set
  • Firearm Retention & Disarms
  • Tactical Leadership Training
  • Ground Defense & Control