Javed Khan

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Law Enforcement

Pro Train Cadre

Matrial Arts and Defensive tactics staff

Pro Train Cadre since 2010

Teir 3 Instructor for STOPS USA

8th Degree Black Belt



Javed Khan is a Martial Arts Grandmaster 8th Degree Black belt in Taekwondo

Over 42 Years of experience in the Martial Arts

President of International Progressive Taekwondo Federation

Founder & Developer of Khan Do Kwan (A modern Indian Fighting System)

Police Officer in Indianapolis, IN

Career Missions and Assignments

Police Trainer in Psychomotor skills and general Police subjects

Police Defensive/ Physical Tactics CQB Instructor

Police Edged weapons Instructor

Developer of Khan’s Tactical Method of Handcuffing

IPMBA Certified Police Bicyclist

Water Based Defensive Tactics Instructor

SCUBA Rescue diver

STOPS Instructor

Developer of WARDA™ Women Against Rape and Domestic Abuse™

Developer of LEAD™ Law Enforcement Action Defense™

Community Security Specialist

Teaching Martial Arts (Taekwondo & Muay Thai) since 1982.

Reserve Deputy Marshal

Carlisle Police Dept, Carlisle, IN

Special Deputy/ Corrections Officer

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, Sullivan, IN

Reserve Officer- Patrol Division

Sullivan City Police, Sullivan, IN

Police Officer, University of Indianapolis Police Department- Patrol Division

University of Indianapolis Police Department, Indianapolis, IN



Area of Expertise and Personal Special Interest


Instructor of Police Defensive Tactics and Close Quarter Combat

Certified Police Instructor by the Indiana LETB

Community Security Specialist

Instructor of Forensic Interrogations and Interviewing techniques

Instructor of STOPS Strategies and Tactics of Police Stops

Instructor Water Based Fighting

Use Of Force Instructor

Instructor of General Police subjects

Member of NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association)

Member of Indiana SWAT Officers Association

Member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association)

Developer of Khan’s Tactical Handcuffing Method

Trained Police officers in the US; India and Bahrain


Awards and Commendations

Limca Book of Records, World record Holder

Broke 500 1 inch wooden boards in 59 minutes, Mumbai - India 1991

Broke 2000 roofing tiles in 5 minutes 37 seconds, Mumbai - India 1995

3rd Place LA OPEN martial arts championships, Los Angeles, CA - USA 1995

1st Place LA OPEN martial arts championships, Los Angeles, CA - USA1996

1st Place India-Pakistan-UAE 3 Nation Dubai Cup Kickboxing Championships, Dubai 1997

1st Place and Grand champion of India-Pakistan kickboxing series, Karachi - Pakistan 1998

1st Place Saddam International Kickboxing Championships, Bagdad-Iraq 1998

3rd Place Taekwondo World Championships, Leicester - England 1998