Tactical Vehicle Combatives Live Fire, Goshen Police Department TVCLF2023-04

Tactical Vehicle Combatives Live Fire, Goshen Police Department TVCLF2023-04

From September 15, 2023 08:00 until September 15, 2023 16:00

At Goshen, IN (Tactical Course Location) Goshen Police Department


302-725-7497 or 574-310-1277


About this course

“Hire character.  Train skill.” —Peter Schutz

Course Overview
TVCLF Shoot PhotoThe Tactical Vehicle Combatives course will mentally and physically challenge officers attending this course to their limits.  Officers will be forced to make shoot or don’t shoot decisions while overcoming fatigue and a stressful training atmosphere.  Officers will be subjected to fighting and shooting during this course in dynamic and realistic scenario-based training.  This course will require the student to bring 100 rounds of target ammunition for their duty weapon

What will the student learn?

What will the student be required to do?

Course Breakdown

Train Hard * Train to Win

Course Intensity
This course is very high-level and will challenge the student to consider their personal, physical, and psychological vulnerability and then adapt to that and overcome any adversity or threat they are approaching.

Physically Demanding
TVC-LF is a tactical course that will require high levels of physical exertion.  You will leave dirty, exhausted, and ultimately fired up about what you just completed!

Mentally Challenging
This course will challenge the student to physically and mentally fight without ceasing during scenarios that they may feel too intense or overwhelming.  They will use techniques and mental mindsets to expand their understanding of tactical counters to life-threatening situations.

Core Building
The student will be given proven techniques to counter assaults that will mentally and physically prepare them for victory in battle if implemented as instructed.

Car with bullet holes

Student Take Away

Course Accreditation/Certification/Completion

Course Hours

Required Course Equipment

Attending students will need to be enrolled individually and online.  The student must provide proof of employment by credentials, work-verified email, or authorization from their agency’s training coordinator.  All students must be on duty and not forced to attend the training course.  Students will be required to complete several liability waivers.

Students are required to bring the following equipment with them to class.

**No live weapons, chemical agents, or intermediate weapons are allowed in the training area before inspection and cleared by the range safety instructor**