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Advanced STOPS Instructor - LIVE FIRE, Brownsburg Police Department

Advanced STOPS Instructor - LIVE FIRE, Brownsburg Police Department
From November 05, 2021 08:00
until November 05, 2021 16:00

Police Counter Ambush (1 Day)

Tragically officers are being ambushed at record levels throughout the United States. Ambush assaults on law enforcement escalated over 150% in 2016 from the prior year. We have to teach our officers to recognize and overcome these threats.

The Police Counter Ambush Assault Course will challenge officers through force on force scenarios to overcome threats while deploying from a patrol vehicle, while seated inside of a patrol vehicle, and while in close-quarters scenarios with other potential threats. We have to be prepared to overcome and dominate these ambushes, and this course will dramatically increase the officer's ability to win the assault, and return home safely to their family.



  • Ron Hantz

    Ron Hantz


    • Master Instructor Trainer for the Strategies & Tactics of Patrol Stops Officer Survival Program. (1 of 3 promoted to this status, out of nearly 4500 S.T.O.P.S Instructors in the United States).
    • DPS Close Quarter Combat Instructor (certification through Black Belt Dr. Paul Whitesell)
    • Taser International Instructor- for Taser Electronic Control Devices
    • Def Tech Distraction Devices-Instructor
    • Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) - Instructor
    • Defensive Tactics   -Straight baton -Weapon Retention / Disarming techniques
    • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) - Instructor
    • IACP Drug Recognition Expert
    • Safe and Legal Traffic Stops (SALTS) - Instructor
    • Less than Lethal Deployment Instructor Def-Tech - Instructor
    • Def Tech Chemical Agent Aerosol (CN/CS/OC) - Instructor
    • Def Tech Chemical Munitions - Instructor
    • MarTac Tactical Physical Tactics Instructor
    • Use of Force Expert Witness (utilized in Federal and State Courts, and Department Discipline Hearings)
    • Police Tactics and Traffic Stops Expert Witness
    • NRA Pistol Instructor
    • Vice President of Mishawaka Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 96