Don Garab

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Law Enforcement and Military

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Pro Train Cadre

Firearms and STOPS USA Staff

Pro Train Cadre since 2016

Teir 3 Instructor for STOPS USA


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Garab was assigned to the 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry Division as a Long Range Marksman. Garab is a combat veteran of the Afghanistan war, with extensive actual combat experience. Garab was a member of the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan, who were the first Americans to step foot in the Taliban infested Charqh River Valley. Garab's a certified weapons expert, that brings extensive knowledge in tactics and real world combat experience in wooded settings. 

Career Missions and Assignments

*  US ARMY - 1st Battalion 32nd Infantry

* Police Officer


Area of Expertise and Special Interest

* Real World Combat in Wooded Settings

* Long Range Marksmanship

* Certified Weapons Expert

Awards and Commendations

* Certified Weapons Expert

* Long Range Marksman



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