STOPS Tactical Motor Officers Course

August 24-25, 2015 @ Brownsburg (IN) ($275 enrollment)


This is a 2-day, 16 hour training course that will provide a rookie or veteran motor officer with life saving skills in the event of an accidental or felonious assault. The course is broke up into several parts. The 1st part is a back to basics of traffic stops and will include both personal instruction and practical skills. The 2nd part is designed to provide the motor officer with the skills to counter and counquer a felonious assault through intense practical exercises. The 3rd part is a force on force scenarios that will cover all aspects of the instruction provided.

Over the course of this training the motor officer will be presented with tactical skills that will cover the following;

  • Police motorcycle pre-ride inspections

  • Mount/Dismount tactics

  • Verbal Judo

  • Approach Patterns

  • Ambush Zones

  • Cover vs. Concealment

  • Low Risk Assessment

  • Unknown Risk Assessment

  • High Risk Assessment

  • Working Solo/Partner patrol

  • Working w/computers vs. w/o computers

Each officer attending the Police Motorcycle S.T.O.P.S. course will need to bring the following with them to class.

  • Police issued motorcycle

  • Helmet

  • Gloves

  • Glasses

  • Above the ankle riding boots

  • Long Sleeve shirt for simunition/Air soft training

  • Long Pants

  • Police issued duty belt

    • No guns

    • No Taser

    • No ASP

    • No O.C.

    • No knives

    • No ammo

  • Duty ballistic vest not required but recommended

If the officer prefers to wear their uniform in order to train like they fight it is acceptable. However, be advised that this course will be outdoors, on pavement, while performing dynamic movements with possibilities of being on the ground temporarily. The course instructor is not responsible for damaged equipment or torn uniforms sustained in this training.

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