Understanding Police Use of Force ~ The Real Rules class

Pro Train Inc. will be instructing a Understanding Police Use of Force ~ The Real Rules class on:

May 17, 2017 at Brownsburg (IN)- $135 enrollment

May 30, 2017 at Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Hobart (IN)- $135 enrollment

The cost of this course is only $135 per student with discounts for more than 3 attendees. This course is designed for department policy makers, physical tactics instructors, firearms instructors, administrative officers, patrol supervisors, command staff, internal affairs officers, police officers, and attorneys that are involved in use of force cases.

Course Description:

“The Supreme Court has expressly stated that if a law enforcement officer has the authority to conduct a seizure, he/she has the authority to use force or the threat of force to accomplish that mission. Further, the Court has ordered that any analysis of a police use of force must be conducted per the Fourth Amendment’s ‘objective reasonableness’ standard. Unfortunately, research continues to show that officers may be prone to hesitate in reasonable use of force, even when faced with a significant threat. This seminar discusses the problem in light of some of the misunderstandings regarding the standard of law, improper training and misguided policies which attempt to minimize the threat of civil litigation – all of which have been identified as counterproductive to proper threat perception and appropriate response. Attendees will be exposed to a model which can assist both officers and civilians in conceptualizing reasonable response to threat per the direction of the United States Supreme Court in Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 (1989).”

Course Instructed by Use of Force Expert Witnesses : Robert Black and  Ron Hantz



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