Each student will need a separate order.

Potential Students attending this training must be certified Strategies & Tactics of Patrol Stops Instructors. This advanced level class will be both physically and mentally challenging and the STOPS Instructor will need to overcome multiple obstacles to win the battle.

STOPS Instructors will engage in numerous force on force scenarios that will challenge the officer to perform well under pressure in order to survive the threat. STOPS Instructors also will need to overcome physically demanding scenarios which end in live fire overcoming threats both inside and outside of vehicles.

Our goal is for all STOPS Instructors skill set to be razor sharp, and we challenge all STOPS Instructors to push themselves to be the tip of the spear. Being the 1%'er that will bring the others back requires you to challenge yourself to be your best, and this class will help you accomplish this goal.

Each student will need a separate order.

(S.T.O.P.S) Training:

Law Enforcement & Military
First Responder
VIP Training
Environmental Training
Combative Training
Multiple Attack Defense
Tactical Mind-Set
Transitional Training
Subject Joint Control & Restraints
Firearm Retention & Disarms
Quick Take down to Control & Arrest
Report Writing: Documenting Use of Force
Tactical Leadership Training
The Importance of Physical Fitness
Edge/Blunt Weapons
Ground Defense & Control
Tactical Rope Defense

Train Hard, Train to Win!