Nick PollaroNick Pollaro – Physical Tactics Instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

Nick served for twenty (20) years with the Valparaiso Police Department and retired as the Captain of Patrol prior to going into the private sector.  He joined the staff at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in March of 2009.  He served his entire tenure at Valparaiso Police Department in the patrol division. 

While at the Valparaiso Police Department,  he held the ranks of Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Lieutenant and Captain of Patrol.  He served as the department’s physical tactics instructor for fifteen (15) years.  He was a guest instructor at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy during his time at the Valparaiso Police Department and instructed physical tactics for many officers, departments and tactical teams in Northwest Indiana.

Nick is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s College and a graduate of the ninety-second (92nd) Basic Session of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.  He holds several certifications as an instructor in physical tactics training.  Nick is a Jeet Kune Do Instructor and holds the rank of Lakan (instructor)  in the Filipino Martial Arts (stick & knife).   He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is an active competitor.  Nick runs his own Martial Arts School (Pollaro’s Martial Arts) located in Plainfield, IN.  Nick instructs several courses at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with his instruction being in physical tactics.

(S.T.O.P.S) Training:

Law Enforcement & Military
First Responder
VIP Training
Environmental Training
Combative Training
Multiple Attack Defense
Tactical Mind-Set
Transitional Training
Subject Joint Control & Restraints
Firearm Retention & Disarms
Quick Take down to Control & Arrest
Report Writing: Documenting Use of Force
Tactical Leadership Training
The Importance of Physical Fitness
Edge/Blunt Weapons
Ground Defense & Control
Tactical Rope Defense

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