Train Hard, Train to Win!
S.T.O.P.S. Courses
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I will never allow myself to lose the battle If knocked down, I will always get up if I’m wounded I will not die. My opponent will never win I have one objective, to win the fight. I will train harder  than my opponent. I will fight smarter, with more determination and with all my strength and power. I will attack with all my strength and power. I’ve trained for war, and I’m prepared for victory....

-Ron Hantz

(S.T.O.P.S) Training:

Law Enforcement & Military
First Responder
VIP Training
Environmental Training
Combative Training
Multiple Attack Defense
Tactical Mind-Set
Transitional Training
Subject Joint Control & Restraints
Firearm Retention & Disarms
Quick Take down to Control & Arrest
Report Writing: Documenting Use of Force
Tactical Leadership Training
The Importance of Physical Fitness
Edge/Blunt Weapons
Ground Defense & Control
Tactical Rope Defense

Train Hard, Train to Win!